Face And Hair

Haircuts and their styles are very deeply attached to the grooming of one’s personality.  As it speaks volumes about your attitude and your general way of life, while choosing a haircut and the length of hair that needs to be kept are all personal choices and vary from person to person. But there are some tips must always be kept in mind whenever deciding a haircut.

  1. Face And Hair If you have a round face then you must avoid full or wavy hairs because it will give you a funny look. Also one must avoid having very short hair at the back because that will make your face more round than it normally is. A square or a flat top hairstyle with medium length hair should be preferred choice.
  2. For longer and skinny faces the ideal option is to go for long haircuts. But the hair must be kept in such a way that they don’t fall on the face. Everything else will odd on such a face and people who have such face cuts have no choice but to be very particular about their haircuts.
  3. If you belong to the category of people who have a heart shaped face then there are varied styles comprising of both long haircuts and small or cropped styles.  The choice lies entirely with the person as he can be the best judge about the hairstyles that suits him.
  4. Some people who have an oval shaped face cut but born lucky, as they can have any hair cut they feel like. Be it short, long, wavy, flattop or clean shaven. Anything in moderation should look good on such face structures.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that these are just some common suggestions and the most important aspect of getting a haircut is to carry it off with élan.

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