Emo Celebrity Haircuts

Emo hairstyles are characterized by affluent and deep colors viz. black or deep brunette with glooms which consists of hair high illumination.

Emo youth attempt to be unique and comfortable in society by expressing their individuality through their hairstyles. They try to be different and shun the `me too` attitude of crowd. This form of hairstyle is flawless as it symbolizes a person`s distinctiveness.

Emo Celebrity HaircutsIn simpler words Emo hairstyle is all about mixing and blending your dull looking hair with hair colors to give it a sexier look. For example, if your hair color is black, you may blend it with white or lively cherry highlights. If you have a white pale hair then you may adopt something in violet or even cherry!

Before choosing an Emo look with your stylist it would be wise to scan out a look for yourself. From the vast ocean of internet search, we have collated few celebrities who have worn an Emo look which are as under:

The celeb has worn a sleek and straight hair cut which has been smoothened to perfection by dampening and blow drying with the help of round brush. Finally, she has made use of an attachable hairpiece of a bright, contrasting color to add a touch of edgy dramatic look.

The star has extended her hair with long spiral curls in a matching silvery white and a contrasting deep, shiny black layers going down from the middle length. The stylist has directly picked up her hair colour from her corset halter dress.

The star has sported a blue coal dark spiked hair which matches his penetrating deep blue eyes. This is however not a do it yourself hairstyle as it requires the help of the expert to customize the look for you.

The celeb has sported a dark colour which adds depth and shine providing a little bit of mystery to his overall look. The stylist has probably given a razor-cut since it eliminates weight and allows the hair to take its natural shape. Lastly, a little bit of wax and shine is all one needs to style this look.

Lisa, who is one half of the Veronicas pop band, is sporting a big, heavy, solid emo bang which almost covers her eyes. Her heavy razor-cut coupled with long layers through the mid-lengths create body, texture and that needed messy emo effect.

While emo hairstyles provide you a funky new look, maintenance is another factor which goes into the styling of the cut. You have to take proper care of your style to maintain it and keep it funky ever after.

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