Effects of Hair Straightening

Effects of hair straightening can be positive in the sense that hair that is set tends to look nice and styled. But there are also negative implications of hair straightening; such as hair fall, which is a big chance that one takes, as hair is fragile by nature, and any heat treatment to it can cause some or at least a bit of damage. There are, certainly, new technological advancements in hair straightening, with the introduction of hair products for protection of hair (TIGI- Tony and Guy protein spray before heat treatment or straightening) and the Liss Extreme range from Loreal that also are helpful for protecting and enhancing hair vitality!

But nevertheless, one must remember that there are implications to straightening one’s hair, whether it be done via a hair iron (the best hairnd, and keeping the fact that the heat from the hair irons and blow-driers make hair prone to falling, it is essential to try and only set your hair when there is a need or necessity to do so! Otherwise, natural is ideal!

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