Edgy Long Haircuts

Do you have long hair and are tired of the boring, traditional hair styles that your choice is often limited to? The upcoming fashion season, with the comeback of the seventies and the punk and grunge trend being very much on, it is a time to try some hot and edgy hairstyles which will make heads turn and help you make a bold statement.

The edgy haircuts are characterized by the hair being cut in distinct shapes around the edges; be it asymmetric cuts or sharp, squarish edges as bangs or as long tresses. Edgy haircuts are achieved due to the new hair cutting technologies widely available in all leading salons around the world. These techniques help hair stylists to give defined shapes to the edges of your hair and give you an option to have asymmetric edges but well cut hair.

If you have long hair, the options for getting an edgy haircut is many and will help you to make a style statement.

For a radical new look, try the look below – a sharp edged fringe on top with thinned out hair. Or you could go for the undercut – one side of the hair buzzed up and shorted than the other.

Edgy Long Haircuts

If you want something less radical, you could go for the long, layered look with the edges razored out and sharp to create an edgy, layered look to your long hair.

Edgy Long Haircuts

Layered and crimped – A new edgy haircut for long hair is wearing the hair in long, layered cut with some of the hair crimped up in style. It can be a style for one evening or can be a permanent, new look for your long hair.

Edgy Long Haircuts

The long, edgy look – You could wear you long hair with angled bangs on top and asymmetric layers with edgy hair ends. This look is great and trend setting.

Edgy Long Haircuts

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