Curly Haircuts


Generally anyone with curly hair is teased a Golliwog, and the curlier the hair the more chances of being teased. But it just remains till there, as long as one knows how to maintain their curly hair haircuts and keep them in place. No doubt maintaining curly hair is more difficult than long straight hair. In fact, generally people with natural curls tend to have coarse, thick and frizzy hair. Not too many have soft, gentle and silky curls. For this reason they need to use various hair care products to soften the hair.

According to many there are not too many option for curly haircuts. This may have been the case in times gone by, but is not so now. One can experiment with all lengths of curly hair, as long as one makes the efforts to spend sometime grooming the hair into place, everyday. However, yet most stylists would advice people to grow their curls long, going to the shoulder length and below. This is because people with this kind of hair growth tend to have very thick growth and with short curly haircuts the hair seem to stand like a large bundle of cotton wool.

However, with increasing length the curls settle down and seem flatter. If one is notice the models on the ramp or actresses with natural curls, they all have grown their hair to lengths going below the shoulder and above the waste. With such length they can play around with various styles and pin them up differently.

After mentioning that curls should ideally not be cut short, yet one can have a fringe falling over their forehead. In fact, nothing too thick, like the typical bangs; but just a few bunch of curls across the forehead. Generally hairdressers cut the fringe in a way that it falls from two ends of the hairline touching the cheek or edge of the eyes. And to keep them in place in a way that the hair does not fall over the eyes one can using a styling gel.

This is considered elegant and rather seductive. Many poets have written about the curls falling over the forehead. Well, actually curly hair has been one of the aspects describing the beauty of the women envisioned by numerous poets. Probably this is why perming came into being, as women with straight hair felt that their locks have not been appreciated as much as the curly ones.

Amongst the curly haircuts, the easy to manage option is the three to four layers for hair between the medium and long length. The first layer generally begins anywhere below the ears and is worked downwards. Sometimes stylists make one error when cutting curls. They do not take into account the estimated curl up once the hair is dried.

What does this mean? When doing haircuts for curly hair the hairdresser has to wet it and comb it out straight in order to level it out accurately to give a proper cut. After the curls dry they tend to curl up and look shorter than when originally cut. So, when deciding the length a client desires, the stylist needs to cut the hair half to one inch longer when wet. This way on drying the desired length will be achieved.

Those with shorter than medium length hair can get a couple of inches from the root straightened so that the curls then fall downwards, rather than outwards. This is the way people with short hair can perm their hair – the perming happens from one or two inches away from the roots. And so one can see people with bob-perms not standing out and looking like a large bundle.

Whether permed or natural hair, one needs to take extra care to ensure that the hair does not look frizzy at any point. And a curling iron in the dressing table draw always helps in providing the crisp and playful curls.

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