Curly Celebrity Haircuts

People having natural curly hair are both blessed and cursed. Curly hair can be the most adoring set of hair anyone can have. On the other hand, they are one of the most demanding hair types that can get unmanageable and unpredictable in terms of styling and maintenance.

Curly hair cuts can fall into three basic types: short, medium and long length hair cuts. Each of these can be made to match and the general shape of one`s and de-emphasize certain features.

Curly Celebrity HaircutsGoing by the order of manageability, the short curly hair are most easy to manage. Next in line come the medium hair cuts which barely touch the shoulders. Lastly it’s the turn of curly hairstyle which is anything beyond shoulders and is the most tough to manage.

Sporting and maintaining a curly hairstyle although is challenging task, it is a fashion statement of today, and a following few easy short curly haircuts will help you adopt the trend:

The actress has adopted flexible papillote rollers to curl her hair. The hair has been left overnight and once dried they have been kept aloof from the touch of the brush. The curls have then been picked gently and around the hair with the help of hair pick and gently arranged around the head.

The Celeb`s short spiral curls can be adopted with the help of medium round curling iron which you can start rolling from about two inches of hair around your iron. All you have to ensure is that you wrap your hair vertically instead of horizontally and all go in the same direction, with each on top of other.

Use a protective crème as you iron and a gloss afterwards for sheen.

The actress has worn her hair cut in medium layers which is full of curls. She has made use of jumbo/medium rollers and a healthy vigorous brushing for this carefree look

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