Crazy Wavy Hairstyles

Those who are willing to enjoy new funky and crazy wavy hairstyles, they have many options to try out. No matter if you have curly, thick, thin or straight hairs; you can try out the crazy wavy hairstyles on any hair textures. Crazy wavy hairstyles are not only for people who are willing to do any experiments with their hairstyles, but it is even for those who have got monotonous hairstyles and willing to add some curls or more volume to get a bouncy look.

Crazy Wavy Hairstyles Hairs basically define the overall look and hence it is important to give them the right hairstyle and care. There is huge difference between hairstyle and haircut, many girls who look for stylish hairs ends up with a very different haircut. Haircut brings a change in the look but they need good maintenance and if you lack in maintaining them, they grow in all direction and you might end up with a messy hairstyle. Hairstyles are easy and most convenient way to look different and unique. Though the effect might be temporary, but the hairstyles are easy to manage and you can have lots many options to wear different styles. So whenever you next time think about making change in your hair looks, be sure that whether you need a hairstyle or haircut.

There are countless ways you can styles your hairs in the crazy wavy look. Many popular celebrities had been spotted wearing the unique, different and crazy wavy hairstyles. Let us have a look at the steps to get the crazy wavy hairstyles for girls.

Waves basically add a bounce and volume to the hairs; they make your hairs smooth and add an attraction and charm to the facial features and make your face to look more cheerful. Many women want to look sexy and dynamic and hence this is the better option for them to get an attractive and eye catching look. Here are few steps which will help you to turn your average looking hairs into curly bouncy hairs:

  • To begin with, gather all the necessary materials and hairs accessories required to create the crazy waves. Some of the essential things are hair gel, pins, curling iron and blow dryer.
  • The first step in the direction of creating the crazy wavy hairstyle is to shampoo or do the conditioning of your hairs. This makes your hairs smooth and clean which will make it easy for hairstylist to create the curls easily.
  • After cleaning the hairs make them dry till they get damp; make use of hairspray to hold the hairstyle.
  • Run your hands through the hairs; make sure you do not touch the tips of hair.
  • Divide the hairs into section depending upon the length of hair and their density. Roll each of the hair section into multiple buns and plug them with pins.
  • Now allow your hairs to get dry or if you don’t have enough time you can also use the blow dryer.
  • Now release your hairs and run your fingers in your hair, now use the curling iron on the left over straight hairs to define the crazy curls.

You are now ready with Crazy wavy hairstyle, that you can wear in any occasion and to look completely different.

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