Crazy Celebrity Haircuts

Over the years, countless women have had hairstyles inspired by their favorite celebrities. Celebrities have that X-factor in them which influence so many men and women to copy them. They have the best make-up, the best of the cloth wear and the best of the hairdo. Many a times as a commoner we also go head over heals and search various internet sites and magazines for that favorite celebrity get up. We even scan across various hairstylists who will help adorn us that look and make us look gorgeous if not then with the help of those hair care products but we ensure we have that look.

Crazy Celebrity HaircutsHowever, celebrities are at times wear some of the hairstyles which no one would want to wear. You can easily avoid few of such crazy celebrity hairstyles are compiled below:

The singer has become famous for her wild onstage antics and her legal dramas behind the scenes. If anyone ever needed to pick Amy out of a lineup this massive beehive hairdo would certainly be an option.

The celeb is known for wild hairdos got her nickname `Pink` got her nickname at a young age when she decided to dye her hair bright pink and apparently it just got stayed with her.

The American Idol participant brought out punk rocker vibe with his spiky dark hair coupled with smoky eyeliner post his appearance on the show.

A well known blogger, he is known for his from his hairstyles and outfits to his controversial political statements. There are people and celebrities who love and hate him but he is the one who doesn`t care or bother about either of them.

At first look, you feel everything is fine with the celeb sporting a sweet smile. But at the second look, you come to reality at the horrific blend of black and blond. Was the celeb sleeping while colouring her hair? – You actually think!

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