Crazy Bob Hair Cuts Color Ideas

Crazy colors are the results of the unusual colors that are mixed together with skinny streaks or highlighted chunky. Crazy bob hair cuts color ideas can be applied to patches of your hair in various colors. Crazy colors work out best with creativity with light hair colors. In case you do not have enough idea on this crazy bob hair color, then here are the tips:

Crazy Bob Hair Cuts Color Ideas 1. Dye your platinum blonde hair and apply purple hair streaks towards the extremes and little of the purple on the bangs.

2. When you are searching for crazy bob hair cuts color ideas for the short hair, then apply lowlights to blonde hair, lowlight of various light hair color, then spike the style with gel and the beauty beneath the patches will show up.

3. For black hair, look for two white colored chunky hair which are highlighted on one of the parted side. Apply pink color (hot) to the white hair streaks edge. The same process could be due to the light hair base and highlight the black.

4. You could also style your hair to faux haux, use blonde color for one side and use black color for the other side.

5. Make a short bob hair cuts, color the uppermost half layer with orange and the other half with pink color. You will definitely look radiant.

6. Select seven to eight vibrant colors shades of hair from color palate at random, and then skinny streaks the color.

7. For black hair, make hair highlights of electric blue chunky. With this color, you can practice braiding.

8. If you are a soccer fans, you can apply the color stripes of your nation’s flag or your soccer club flag on your bob hair cuts.

9. You can even apply black dye to the whole hair and make the crown hair absolutely dark green or deep purple.


All the aforementioned are the men and women crazy color ideas list. Therefore, do not despise the colors.

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