Classic Celebrity Haircuts

Action replay – are the two words you remember when you speak of the classic hairstyles. An old adage goes, my child drove a cycle, his child drove a car, his child drove a helicopter and his child again drove a cycle. History repeats itself, so do the trends of the old fashion! Who doesn’t want to wear the classic old hairstyles at a retro party or a function or just for an outing?

Classic Celebrity Haircuts

You might have searched for that vintage look in many magazines covers, websites or asked hairstylists about it. We have collated a few of the vintage look hairstyles which are as under:

The hairstylist has styled the of the celeb`s top and sides going back and a few sections of hair dipping over the side of her face and resting in idle coils upon her temple. There has been other attachment of the hair which has been attached as curls to the lower end of her hair.

The celeb has her long auburn hair sectioned just off the center with a rust and gold colored hair band around her head. Her bangs are flipped over the band falling on one side of her brows. Her hair band makes her hair looks puffy giving her that gorgeous vintage look. Reminds me of Indian actress Zeenat Aman`s Hare Rama Hare Krishna look!

The celeb is wearing a Marylin Monroe hairstyle of medium rollers after gelling heavily. Brush back, pat with your hand and see all that volume! Your sexy look is all ready.

The hairstylist has provided a 1920`s classic curls which start at about the ear level and cascade to the shoulders in large, perfect curves. The bangs fall straight and light. One of the easiest ways to get curls is by way of large heat set curlers or the so convenient soft fabric rollers that can be slept on.

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