Choppy Long Haircuts

Choppy long haircuts are a talk of the town nowadays. Gone are the days of straight, uniform long hair – now most young women prefer the unkempt look. Mind you, it is both a professionally challenging hairdo as well as requires some amount of looking after.

The look that is favoured nowadays is the layered look, both in medium, long or short hair. The layers maybe slight or maybe heavy, accentuated by sharp edges accomplished by the use of sharp razors on the edges of hair.

Choppy, as the word suggests, is a look that is accomplished by slicing through the hair strands and giving uneven, razor sharp edges to the hair strands where no two strands are similar in length. Thus the effect is that of a choppy sea where the waves are unruly and angry.

The overall look of choppy, layered hairstyle is that of relaxed chic and uber modern.

Choppy Long Haircuts

If you want to go radical with long hair, this choppy extreme with an undercut on one side is a great way to make a style statement.

Choppy long haircuts are a great fashion statement; granted these are more radical and dramatic than usual hairstyles and hence are more for the brave hearted young women. Teenagers who love to flaunt radical looks or are ardent followers of the punk trend would love to flaunt such hairstyles.

Choppy haircuts are also great if you wish to make a style statement through dramatic hair colors. Highlights in shades of violet or rainbow colours are flaunted best with straight choppy hairstyles. Varying shades of a colour hue on the varying lengths of tresses make a great overall effect. Of course, these types of hairstyles can be worn with certain looks only. It could be the biker trend which is making a comeback this season. Complete with biker jackets and boots, you could complete the look with a choppy hairstyle, worn long in layers with uneven, tapered ends and highlighted bangs on top.

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