Choppy Bob Hair Cuts

Choppy bob hair cuts are suitable for those that are tired of straight bob hair cuts. A choppy bob hair cut is not difficult to maintain. It gives you a fashionable and classy look. Different styles can be modifying from choppy bob hair cuts like sideways bangs or blunt fringe. If a graduated bob hair cuts is applied, it gives you another type of choppy design. You can make your choppy unusual by adding strong color ideas. But here are the three different types of choppy bob hair cuts styles:

Choppy Bob Hair Cuts 1. BLUNT CHOPPY BOB HAIR CUTS: This is similar to classic short bob hair cuts. For you to make blunt choppy bob hair cuts, shape all your hair to the same length. Let the length be below your ears or above your shoulders. Then pair with a blunt fringe by combining the front part of your hair. Hold the bob hair cuts upright to your level of eyebrow. You can then soften the fringe if you desired to and trim from the fringe edge with scissors.

2. LAYERED CHOPPY BOBHAIR CUTS: This is an appropriate bob hair cuts style for those people with long or medium length of hour. The first thing to do is to make middle or center parting and cut the hair to different layers. If you prefer deep layers, it is good to make more bob hair cuts. A choppy bob hair cut is good when applied with sideways bangs. In order to make bangs on your hair, just comb the front part of your hair, hold and direct it to the other ear side, create a straight cut and then comb.

3. GRADUATED CHOPPY BOB HAIR CUTS: Here, the bob hair cut is cut short at the neck and long at the front side. This could also be called A-line bob hair cuts. There are two types of graduated bob hair cuts styles. This could be symmetrical or asymmetrical/ with asymmetrical graduated bob hair cuts, you will have a clear and very sharp exciting appearance while symmetrical graduated bob hair cuts offer you a balanced regular cut styles. Therefore, choose the hair length that you desire and begin to cut. First cut into a deep U shape in order to make the shortest form at the nape (neck) and leave the front hair long.

In conclusion, choose your own type of choppy bob hair cuts styles you desire out of the three types above. A razor can be applied if you prefer wispy bob hair cuts ends with the hair color highlights to make you look attractive and elegant.

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