Choosing Cool Men’s Medium Hair Cuts for Your Face Shape

No matter how shallow it may sound, you may readily agree that you have invested so much money in having an ordinary hair cuts on your head. Without argument, medium hair cuts are a prestige as well as being vital to your everyday personality. Certainly hair styles are capable of adding value or destroying your physical look as well as showcasing your clothes or make your cosmetic noticeable.

Cool Men’s Medium Hair Cuts

Nevertheless, failure to pick your desired hair cut implies you will have unfitted style. As a result, you are more likely to appear either as annoying comedian or a pressurized teacher. No one desires this type of hairdo. Without doubt, fashionable hair cuts have come a long way ever since these long years, some said it actually began in 1980s but gain more ground in 90s. Wherever way, the fact remains that hair styles is a fashion that varies with season.

As the number of the far-reaching thinkers is increasingly growing daily, men have brake away from the self limitation of short cropped hair basically. Nowadays, there is room for all, be it medium wavy as well as layered types.

MEN’S HAIRSTYLES: Technique of selecting most suitable style for yourself

Ever before selecting your most suitable medium hair cuts, have it behind your mind that your ultimate selection must be suited with your skin complexion and facial shape. Make do with anything you consider longish if you have confirmed that you have any of heart shape face, an oval one or a diamond facial structure. On the other hand, if a square structured face is yours, you can then do away with long hair style.

In the real fact, short hair styles is considered more appropriate for people that have oblong round, rectangular or oval shaped faces. Nevertheless, everyone that has shaped faces must keep off from having anything to with short hair styles. Not only that, your desired hair cuts must necessarily fit into your status and attitude. Therefore, if you fall into the group of the strong and hustling, you are advice to ‘marry’ to short hair style. Meanwhile, longer medium hair cuts are suggested for you in case you are on the look for anything with prestige.

Be preparing to exploit your power of imaginations in the process of picking your appropriate hair styles. Think outside box each time you are going through catalogues. This will widen your horizon with unimaginative ideas.


Can you rightly guess the best attractive men’s hair cuts which is currently in vogue? Kinky afro or classic mullet? Yes they may sound conventional but the real truth is that nearly all the hair styles trends are the repeat of the old days with just a little adjustment. Listed below are the reigning hair styles for men:

  • BUZZ CUTS: This is more peculiar with soldiers sport men, workers and monks. It goes with those that fancy short cuts.
  • Faux Hawk: this is well known among the punk stars and footballers. It symbol are central spike and shaved left and rights. This style is particularly meant for all that decide to maintain uniqueness.
  • CREW CUTS: It is reduced almost to both sides leaving plenty hair above. It is popularize by the military but the latest trend can either be super short at the top or it could be so longish to be fondled by fingers.
  • LONG HAIR: it began in 70s and 80s and it still remains relevant till days. It is better in textured these days.
  • In men hair cuts, fashion comes in phases so anytime you are no more in touch, just flip over the oldies.

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