Choosing a Bob Haircut Which Suits Your Face

Selecting the right hairstyle can be a time-consuming experience. You may have settled on a bob cut but even then you have options. Not all bob cuts suit everyone. For instance, if you have a fuller face then you should not get a square bob cut with a square fringe. This will not accentuate the curves in your face because it will be quite a boxy hair style. Something with a fringe like a layered bob cut that is not such a straight and square style will help accentuate your face because it will contain its own curves. You might also consider keeping a fringe with a fair bit of length to help accentuate the cut’s curves.

If you have a thinner face with delicate features than a square bob cut may actually work to your advantage. Because you might not have the same amount of curves in your profile as that of a fuller faced woman it will actually work to accentuate the defined features of your jaw line, lips and brow. If you have any trouble deciding it might be worth trying out some software which allows you to import a photo of yourself and allows you to mix and match hair styles in order to find the right one for your features.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair then you are lucky. You can actually style a pretty simple bob that will also be fashionable. Almost any bob works with a naturally curly or wavy hair. Because your hair normally grows so it matches what your features are, you can capitalise on this by trying bob styles such as that seen worn by Sarah Jessica Parker – the unkempt, short bob cut. While you may have some trouble finding the right bob for you, take heart; it is such a simple and versatile hair style that you will find a good match eventually!

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