Chest Hair transplant

Chest hair transplant is increasingly becoming popular these days. Many men prefer to go for chest hair transplants. The surgical procedure of chest hair transplant is similar to that of a head hair transplant or any other body hair transplant. Chest hair transplant will also cost almost similar to the head hair transplant surgery.

In the case of chest hair transplant men who want to have hair growth on their chest opt for this surgical procedure. The surgical procedure often referred to as follicular unit grafting or follicular hair transplant is an extremely safe procedure. Like any other form of body hair transplant the hair follicles from one part of the body are placed in the area of the chest so that the chest hair also sees a similar amount of growth as the part of the body from where the hair follicles were first taken.

The chest hair will now see a large amount of growth. The chest hair transplant sees good results and there are several hair transplant centers in the country where you can get this surgical procedure done. In Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and other cities as well you will find hair transplant centre’s where physicians are involved in providing chest hair transplant as well.

It is generally noticed that once the chest hair transplant is done patients normally have to trim their chest hair once every three to four months if the chest hair growth becomes high.

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