Chemical Straightening or Ironing

Chemical Straightening or Ironing

There are options for hair straightening that can be via chemical enhancements or ironing as well. Chemical straightening can be referreed to in different ways and with different terminologies such as Extenso, Relaxo, milk straightening and so on. They are various ways of straightening hair and the effect lasts for a period of around six months, until there is the growth of new hair that arises from the roots of the hair.

These are methods in chemically straightening out hair that has a long lasting effect. But ironing, on the other hand is a temporary way of straightening hair, the effect of which, wears off within the next two days or so, or then the effect wears off, in other words, in the next wash of the hair. The minute water touches the hair, the hair gets back to the normal texture and the hair loses the effect of the iron.

For those who like experimenting with hair, ironing is much better as you do not know, if tomorrow, you may want to curl your hair with curlers. Ironing is a short and convenient way to straighten and smoothen hair out, while saying by to frizziness till the next time you wash your hair! For those who like the long lasting effect and do not mind retouching hair every once in six months, consider chemical straightening!

Chemical straightening, is invasive and a procedure that is not beneficial to hair in any way except in the case of appearance, wherein the hair that is chemically straightened looks straight and glossy. The hair, when straightened has the disadvantage of looking thin or silky, as the hair is induced with some chemical or the other for achievening hair that is, like Singer Lady Ga Ga (who won a Grammy for this song) would say, makes one literally have a ‘poker face’ as the hair is ‘poker straight’!

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