Celebrity Trendy Hairstyles

If you think that you are wearing the same old fashioned hairstyle since year and looking for a makeover with your hairs then you must try out something trendy to get a dramatic and stylish look. There are various trendy hairstyles for all type of hair texture and hair length. No matter what kind of face shape you have, there exist trendy hairstyles for all type of face shape. Many young and teenager have the tendency to follow their favorite celebrity and the style they wear.

Celebrity Trendy Hairstyles If you are also among the people who want to look similar to your favorite celebrity then you must go with celebrity trendy hairstyles. There are many popular celebrity trendy hairstyles which you can consider for yourself according to the facial features, hair texture and length. There are hairstyles for special events, for professional look and also for people looking for funky look. So let us have a look at some of the popular celebrity trendy hairstyles that you can wear to look similar to your favorite star.

  • Loose curly waves are the sporty look un which many famous celebrities like Kate Winslet, Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgens, Charlize Theron and many more had been spotted. If you want to wear loose beach wavy hairstyles for long hairs, then you must apply curling serum on your hairs before the styling and let your hairs dry naturally after that. To define the curls use your fingers and dryer on medium heat. By doing this way you will get the nice curly celebrity trendy hairstyle.
  • Graduated bob are considered to be known for giving modern look and it is quite popular among the young girls. Popular celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Holmes’ bob have been spotted wearing this kind of hairstyle. For wearing graduated bob, first you have to get your hairs cut very short near the nape of the neck and then the hairs are to be cut in asymmetrical or symmetrical pattern. This hairstyle looks good with side bangs and with the pair of straight bangs also.
  • For guys, spiky look is considered to be best. Many male celebrities made the style more popular. To get this hairstyle you need to cut down your hairs in military cut, the sides of hairs should be short crop and the hairs near the forehead should be kept longer. Use hair gel to give a dramatic and stylish look.

These were the some of the celebrity trendy hairstyles for getting the latest and stylish look.

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