Celebrity Shag Hairstyles

Celebrities are always willing to try options in haircuts. The recent films and also launches necessitate the need to project them with an aura. With so many styling options the retro look has influenced the celebrity walks of life. One can easily spot a celebrity sport a messy shag hairstyle and carry the same with so much grace. The grace is multifold by colouring the hair in the right way. Grace is personified with the walk, dressing style and make up of the celebrity. The hair cuts for celebrity kids is again full of style.

Shag styles are also slightly unkempt though this look is styled. The bedraggled look is not easy to procure but many celebrities carry the same with élan. Actually the celebrity status itself is magnificent enough to foretell the future fashion. Celebrities make fashion statements with accessories and also footwear. It is natural to emulate a celebrity be it the colour of dress at an award function or the hair cut lately displayed in a movie.

Short shags are easy to maintain. The crown hair is usually a large section. The front of the hair is chopped real short and can be of uneven trims from behind. The other style is bangs on the forehead and the covering of ears. This is an unisex option and really suited for people with heavy thick hair. Razor cutting method is utilized to snip the hair for the frayed look. The look should be complete with retro style dressing and colours.

Layers are a personal comfort and help to add volume. This is suited for thin hair and also suited for people who are having a hair loss problem. Medium length can be opted for ladies who are still in the process of growing their hair. The layers in medium shag is wonderful way to adopt a subtle change in the previous medium length hair.

Round faces will look rounder if the hair is real short and chosen with framing the face. Use a straight hair cut in long shag to alter the face shape. If one has almond shaped eyes and good ears then it is better to keep the hair in fringes or a cut close to the ears. This is the best option to accentuate the facial features. The right cut in shag style also helps you to cut the age and give a kind of softness to the face.

Celebrity status is all about grooming. Celebrities prefer a personal stylist to get the inimitable hair cut and style. Teaming other items in the wardrobe is also essential as the media captures all the bloopers. Celebrity styles are chic and sophisticated.

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