Celebrity Long Haircuts

Long hair is much coveted amongst women. Though nowadays the stressful lives make many women opt for short hair which is easy to manage, there are still a number of celebrities out there who flaunt long, beautiful hair and are encouragement for women to manage those lovely tresses as celebrities do.

It is true that long hair needs a lot more looking after than medium or short length hair but the styling option are limitless when it comes to long hair. Not only can it be worn open in straight, sleek style or curly, wavy styles, but can also be done up in various ways, can be held back in a ponytail, can be braided and so forth.

Some celebrities who are known for their long, beautiful hair are shown below:

Celebrity Long Haircuts Giselle Bundchen is a celebrity model who has great long hair. Her hair has natural waves and has also been flicked back in places to give a wavy, flicked back effect. This carefree long hair look is classic and looks glamorous.

Celebrity Long HaircutsThis is a classy large curls flaunted in blonde, long hair by Andrea Bowen. The hair is curled loosely, nearly three fourth of the hair. The hair is parted sideways on top and has been styled slightly on top. This type of hair can also be flaunted with a middle parting or with hair tossed back which would alter the appearance accordingly.

Celebrity Long Haircuts

Check out the natural looking bends and softly curved locks in Shakira’s hair. This alluring look has been achieved by using a flat iron to create bends along the length of the hair. This is easy to achieve in long, wavy hair. The hair is parted in the middle and is slightly raised from the roots which is usually done by blow drying the hair on top. Use of shine serum to enhance the shine of the locks and gel to hold the ends in place makes this hairstyle red carpet ready.

Pics courtesy http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/

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