Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles That are Common to Both Hollywood and Bollywood

Celebrity hairstyles and celebrity haircuts that are common to both Hollywood and Bollywood are more than a few in number. Though, yes, one does not see too much experimentation with Indian heroines and actresses as one can see in Hollywood as well as the Music industry in the USA. For instance, there is not one Indian heroine who has sported the Pixie haircut or hairstyles that singer Rihanna has sported through the last many months and is infamous for the same. The pixie hair cut or style is one that involves a haircut wherein the hair is cut in the front and the side of the hair and is a short pixie looking haircut. View the pictures in this article to get an idea as to how colorfully creative this haircut or hairstyle is and how Rihanna really carries off this hairstyle with a great potential and with style as well as glamour.

Celebrity Hairstyles Celebrity haircuts that are common to both Hollywood and Bollywood would be the layered medium length hair style or hair do! The layers that give bounce or volume to the hair is a good looking and a nice looking hairstyle or haircut! Layers give a certain bounce to hair which is wavy and for straight hair, it gives definition. From actresses like Julia Roberts to a Hindi film heroine Madhuri Dixit, there is a similarity in the hairstyle that is seen internationally and in the Hindi movie scenario just the same. Madhuri Dixit is and used to be a very and immensely popular actress and has hair that is bouncy and wavy, with lovely looking layers. And the same applies to Julia Roberts who has hair that is wavy and that is bouncy as well as layered. And this similarity is a good example to the title of this article and shows the similarity in the two distinct industries of film and movie making.

Whilst the beautiful singer, now known to be the wonderful David Beckham’s wife and partner, Victoria Beckham has a straight, cropped hair cut which is short up till her ears and is a lovely looking, comfortable hairstyle or haircut. Victoria Beckham has this haircut, courtesy Garren. In other words, the person responsible and who was the master mind behind the fantastic haircut and hair chop that became a style statement for Victoria was the genius hairdresser Garren, of the infamous salon Garren New York!

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