Celebrity Haircuts

Celebrities have a knack of setting trends in the society, be it clothes, accessories or make-up or even hairstyles. People easily pick up the latest styles to look hap and sexy. However, not all hairdo`s suit all personalities equally. Here comes the work of proper stylist who takes judicious judgment in selecting the right hairstyles which fits a particular face whether oval, square, round, oblong, angle or rectangular. He is the one who majority of the times guides you the look which would be suitable for you. However, a proper homework on your end certainly would make a difference!

Celebrity HaircutsHere, we have taken efforts to collate the celebrity hairstyles according to the face type, so that you don`t regret having that Tom Cruise or Ameesha Patel or yester year`s actress – Neelam style hair do`s:

The Bollywood actress has neatly parted her hairstyle on her oval and round face. Her hair is blow dried and brought over her ears. A simple can do by self hairstyle which takes little or no maintenance!

Again a cute bob cut which suits the oval and round face and can be worn on any occasion. The celebs bangs have been left long to cover the eyebrows and meet the hair down to the neck.

The star has sported layers with a fringe styled onto the forehead. The hair do takes a minimum time of around 10 minutes. The sexy and clean hairstyle is suited for oval, square, diamond and round faces.

The doctor, actor has sported a traditional short hairstyle with parting on the right side. The clean and simple hairdo is suited for people with round faces.

For this hairdo, the stylist has left the thick hair long and curly. The hairstyle is suited for oval, square, heart, diamond, round faces.

To adopt these easy to maintain celebrity hairstyles and look gorgeous, one has to devote at least 1-2 hours during the week. Now, this doesn`t ask for much from your so called `busy` lifestyle, does it?

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