Celebrity Haircuts for Straight Hair

Straight hair is the one which is desired by most cause of its versatility and easy maintenance. Styling is also another important factor which goes behind the favoritism of straight hair. Those who have it are envied by one who desire it, especially people with curly hair for whom maintenance is one of the factor which chews away their precious time. To avoid spending much time with your hair from the busy schedule, one would obviously scan for various sources. Before doing this task, take a look at few of the hairstyles collated below which will help when one is at the nearby hairstylist:

Celebrity Haircuts for Straight HairThe celebrity has styled her hair in the long layers which are textured in the ends and styled for volume. This is especially true for head. The most important thing about this hairstyle is that it is easy to maintain and that it is easy to nourish well. This coupled with a little dab of shine serum and hairspray never hurt.

The hairstylist has styled the hair in a semi blunt fashion which measures to be about halfway up her neckline. A neatly done side parting with a straight bang that rides over one of star`s eyebrows. A prime example of how cute a person can be with a simple haircut.The broad smile adds a class to the look.

The hairstylist has provided layers in the lower third and heavily textured the hands in the ends with a razor. The esult was a fresh, fringy look with the air of spontaneity and fun. For more dimension streaks of amber and light blonde were applied in a painting technique.

The hairstylist has provided a hairstyle in a choppy layered wet look. The top comes boldly down in spacey sections to cover one eye thus giving a peek-a-boo look. There are several options to this hairstyle. Rollers or a curling iron make up for all the difference.

A long bob is a sassy and always trendy solution how to look great for every occasion. In this hairstyle, the surprising elements are the diagonal side part, long bangs and lightly textured ends.

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