Celebrity Haircuts for Square Face

Each person has a different shape of the face – oval, round, square, diamond, triangle, heart or oblong. A Square face is characterized by sharp angled jaw line and square shaped eyebrows. To alleviate these characteristics one should adopt hairstyles that focus on cheekbones. Curls and waves which fall till shoulders also give shape to the face and help reducing the square effect. For such faces, a side parting is more preferable than the centre parting.

Celebrity Haircuts for Square Face

If you have a squared face and want a hairstyle which goes well, you can have a look at the below collated hairstyles before visiting your stylist for a good haircut:

The celeb has sported a haircut which is curled in short spirals and go over her ears in flipping curls. Although the hairstyle has not covered the cheekbones fully, it gels well on her face.

This is a perfect hairstyle for those who are unable to spend a lot of time to spend on the hair due to the daily routine of the life.

In the picture alongside, we see a part of hair cuffed to the collar while the rest of the part has been flipped upward. The crown has been cropped just to meet the needed height and the bounce.

The sides are pushed over her ears to be combed away from her face or leave it to form a circle toward her face.

The star has a cute bob cut with hair falling on the cheeks and a tinted pink strand giving her a youthful look. Such experiments are fun and can be done anytime regardless of the age factor.

The remaining part of the hair has been highlighted with gold and caramel tones.The celebrity is wearing her hairstyle with a short cap which is tucked around her ears and a few stray sideburns to form a short bang on her head.

The top has been placed in an informal way which skirts around the top of her forehead, and shortness is just in proportion to her crown to create the desired pouf which helps in creating some spunk to her hairstyle.

The star has worn a velvet smooth hairstyle which has been designed such that it can be placed over the forehead, covering the eyebrow. With sides curled away from the forehead, the versatile hairstyle can be carried on any occasion.

Short hairstyles on square faces are more often than not easy to manage and can be worn in any season whether summer, winter or rains.

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