Celebrity Haircuts for Round Faces

Selecting proper hairstyles according to the face type is one of the most important factor in hairdo`s as a wrong face shape would lead to a disaster. A proper hairstyle is about shape and geometry. It`s all about setting a perfect frame on a person`s face to bring in balance thus bringing up a good impression to the overall shape. A proper shape minimizes non pleasing attributes and promotes compliment positive ones.

Celebrity Haircuts for Round Faces

While heart shaped faces are wide at the forehead and cheek bones and narrow at the jaw line, round shaped faces on the other hand are circular with length approximately equal to the width.

A good hairstylist is the one who will just know what shape will or will not suit you as it is very important and handy for one to understand face shape suitability since it helps to understand what it does and does not work for you and why.

To find a right hairstyle suitable for self requires a thorough research, a proper scanning and consultation. We here have tried a bit on our part to collated hairstyles which suit well on round faces which may help you please your loved ones in a better way. The collated hairstyles are provided as under:

The hairstylist has provided the haircut which forms a slanting line from the nape to the chin and is styled such that it makes a very round silhouette. The evenness of the look has been spiced up by the elaborate coloring which comprises of hazelnut-coffee base broad streaks in a striking platinum blonde. The crown which is elevated in the back which emphasizes the dynamic angled cutting line even more.

The hairstylist has styled the article in long layers which are textured in the ends and styled for volume with the help of a blow dry. This is especially true around the head and for the highest shine. For a style like this which is easy to maintain, an important factor is that the hair must be nourished well. If the hair is Healthy it falls beautifully and shines without much help. While this is true, a little touch of shine serum coupled with hairspray never hurts.

The celebrity is sporting a short, choppy hairstyle which is spiked and shows an edgy look. The coif is which jagged towards the east, west, north and south manner looks attractive and Mariska has managed to pull off the hairstyle in a successful manner.

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