Celebrity Haircuts for Angled Faces

It is more often difficult to find hairstyles which suit the each and every face type. There are different types of facial structures viz. round, oval, oblong, heart, rectangular, angled amongst others. Apart from the different face structures, there are plenty of hairstyles to chose from namely choppy, layered, bob and so on. If you don`t know how to select the hairstyles which suits your face, you could probably land up looking bizarre in your favourite celebrity hairstyles. Over here, we have collated few hairstyles which suit angled faces and they are as under:

Celebrity Haircuts for Angled FacesThe celebrity has sported a short bob which makes a classic frame to her heart shaped face. The ends are strongly textured and the curved bangs bring attention to her gorgeous eyes. A fun and classic look which goes well on any options.

The celeb is shown wearing her hair cropped short in a bob. She looks as if she has just got up from the stylist’s chair. The hairstylist has cut the hair in a way such that it rides up high with the back revealing her lovely neckline. The long smoothness of the hair comes over from the single parting which covers part of her eye and onto the side with a slight curve that falls along her chin line.

The celeb wears a short blonde and beautiful hair layered pixie kind of a cut which is coiffed to about two to four inches in various areas around her head. The shortest area would probably on the very top moving towards her crown for height and fluffiness. To get that tinge of curliness in the hair one can always make use of good hot iron which give the her the so long desired semi curls she so desired.

Tip: Do ensure that you do your homework well before stepping in to your nearby hairstylist store to select your favorite look which suits your face. An advice picked up from a friend or a scan from a good magazine would also be a plus point.

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