Celebrity Haircuts for 2011

It`s barely six months gone since we began 2011 with a big bang. With half of the year gone by, we take a surely want to glimpse on what`s hot as far as the hairstyles are concerned for the year. You might have searched various sources; here we have taken an effort to collate few of the best of the hairstyles for 2011 which are as under:

Celebrity Haircuts for 2011

The celeb has worn a hairstyle which shows off her long, thick Latina locks. It makes a cute prom hairstyle for 2011 for girls who like to wear their hair down. The hairstyle goes well on her, given the shape of her face.

The celeb has sported a new tight bun which has a cute big knot that suits her age. The tight structure goes well at a very formal event.

The star has sported a cute and side swept or side-parted with a full fringe. Her hair falls below her ears and also wraps around them.

The actress has a smoking hot hair coupled with very big waves without a fringe. She has made a bold fashion statement–or a suggestion to open to a hair modeling contract.

The hairstyle is easy to create and has a few pretty faux layers. The thin sections which the celeb has curled add a touch of evening elegance. The hairstylist has provided about three different colors including a few very thin slices of blonde.

The hairstylist has provided the medium hair style a bold and has lots of volume. However, it has a little too high or thick at the crown. With big curls one always has to make sure the proportions are balanced on the sides and top

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