Celebrity Haircuts and Styles

Which hair stylists are the most well-known for celebrity haircuts and styles

Hair stylists that are well known for celebrity haircuts and celebrity hairstyles are as flows. These are a few names of persons who have struck gold by making their mark in the fields of fashion and movies, making themselves top the list among the most celebrated hairstylists in the world. Sally Hershberger is one of the most desired hairstylists in the world of Hollywood and New York; also making her polauritty well known across the entire globe.

Pierre Alexandre is a stylist and a genius when it comes to hair, and is celebrated for his immaculate talent across the globe. There are many magazines that he has associated with for hair styling , such as GQ, Tattler and many more internationally acclaimed magazines. Lee Stafford is very famous for his hairstyling and for his unique simplicity and style in dressing hair! He is one of the most famous UK celebrity hairstylists today.

Celebrity Haircuts Hairstylists who are really popular are also known by their work that one can see in movies (cinema), music videos, TV shows and for a lot of people who are or are not ardent readers, there is the option of viewing their work in the covers of the best international magazines of the world, such as (to name a few) GQ, Vogue, Bazaar and Vanity Fair!

There is another example that lies in George Caroll, who is well known for hair related styling and trends in Hollywood. Bollywood, the Indian (Hindi) Cinema land, which boasts of making the highest number of films amongst every other cinema league in the world, also has something else that it boasts of. That is, the recent and emergent trends in hair styling. Stylists of hair like Audhuna Akhtar are Aush are superb in their work. Want to check out some of their work- watch Dil Chahta Hai, where Audhuna went all out and performed so well as a stylist, giving actors like Aamir Khan looks that became a cult with the public to much more. For more on their talent, visit salons like B:Blunt and Juice to get funky and cool hairstyles and cuts that are extremely trendy-licious!

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