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We love them, we follow their lives and there are some of them who we prefer to hate and despise. But, either ways they are a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. Who are they? They are the people who lead public lives. They are the celebrities we either look up to or look down upon. They are the ones we tend to emulate. They are the role models of society. Anything right and good they do we follow their footsteps and anything wrong they do teaches us how to stay on the right path, because then they become the fallen angels.

This is however not a moralistic look at celebrities, but something that maybe considered frivolous by many, yet as hypocritical as people can be, they all follow what their favorite celebrity does. They would read each article and maybe even save cuttings. And when it comes to the make over, they want that favorite celebrity haircut. They want it exactly the same way.

The recent celebrity haircuts become all the more a demand when the Press and Paparazzi go all gaga about it. They rank the hairstyles and obviously the top three are the demand at spas, salons, parlors and barber shops. There is a rage. And moreover, there are those who follow each makeover of their chosen style icon, actually requesting celebrity short haircuts or then medium celebrity haircuts and hair color treatment as done by their favorite public figure.

Keeping this in mind, parlors and salons that cater to celebrities actually use their clients as endorsements; and that is what keeps their appointment books full. A popular actor getting their haircut by their favorite barber – this photo pasted into the celebrity page of the local newspaper and the barber will laughing his way to the bank.

In fact, this kind of publicity has been the basis for various celebrity stylists and make-up artists for starting their own parlor. They would put up multiple photos of theirs styling actors, actresses, models and Page 3 regulars. First time clients see these pictures, they are impressed and that’s it there is a queue in no time.

Well, in the case of the talented lot, who have no famous person to endorse their services, it always works well to create a journal or scrap book of celebrity pictures, and keep updating it with the latest haircuts and styles that they don. In fact one should maintain journals of not only the Indian stars, but also the international ones. This should include those of sportspersons, youth icons, pop and rock stars, Page 3 celebrities, TV stars, movie stars, stylish industrialists and politicians, etc.

Maintaining such a database of celebrity hair cuts proves that that stylist is up to date with all trends and styles. And this builds further confidence amongst the clients. They would be sure that whenever they paid a visit to their stylist they would be given the latest and not something outdated or unfashionable. And keeping up with the latest trends only adds to the hairdresser’s credentials. After all doing a perm for someone when the straight look is in will not go down to well, where reputation and professionalism is concerned. So, whether it is short celebrity haircuts, or other varying lengths, being abreast with the latest builds the credentials of the stylists.

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