Celebrity Hair Stylists

Celebrity hairstylists are a rage in the recent times of cinema and fashion. Where there is a diametrically different side to cinema in the present day, with style and fashion being super important elements of movies today; and of course fashion has become a thing of great importance to celebrities, on screen and off screen.

clip_image002There are hairstylists across the globe that primarily take on styling for celebrities. They are called celebrity stylists and they undertake the opportunities to style celebrities. Internationally acclaimed names of celebrity stylists are Cristina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley, these women are two of the most sought after stylists in the world today. Their styling is chic and they are very much in demand! Based in the chic land of Los Angeles, California they are also identified because of their fabulous clothing line called ‘Miss Davenporte’.

For the Indian celebrities of Bollywood, there are one too many stylists that style the stars of the hindi cinema league. One such popular stylist, who has a salon that he started after the fame and adulation he received by being a celebrity stylist, is Hakin Aalim. Though technically only indulging in hair related styling, he is also well known to be an idea maker for stylish appearances of the stars of Hindi cinema!

Talking strictly fashion styling, there is no one bigger and better than Manish Malhotra for the Bollywood dames and gents. The stars of Bollywood find themselves twinkling the brightest when they are styled by friend and popular designer turned stylist, Manish Malhotra. Manish Malhotra is a true friend to the starts of Bollywood and there is no doubt that he is talented and colourful in his styling of the leading ladies and leading men in Bollywood today!

clip_image003With trends that are ever-changing, stylists today have to match up to the trend that is effervescent and changing constantly. And make no mistake; stylists are fabulous, competitive and very with-it in today’s times. While earlier, there was never that much scope for a fashion stylist, especially in Bollywood cinema, today, without a stylist, half the essence of a movie seems incomplete. Hollywood, the land of originating fashion trends has seen a whirlwind of change, from the times of Madonna’s cone-shaped blouses or Julia Roberts in a pair of blue short-denim pin-stripes to the recent fashionista elements seen in examples such as, Beyonce music videos where she looks beyond amazing and in Lady GaGa’s Poker face video where she is dressed funky beyond explanation.

There are also the recent movies of Scarlett Johansson where fashion plays a subtle but exceedingly important role in cinemas. Stylists are required more than one can imagine. There is Freida Pinto, an Indian actress who surpassed her own expectations when she stuck god with her debutante movie, Slum dog Millionaire. The styling she underwent post the success of her debut is unimaginable. From celebrity styling undergone, to becoming the muse for the most talented man in fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, she is a stunning example of how styling could transform a person’s personality and enhance so much of a person, adding on shine and chic!

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