Celebrity Hair Styles

Celebrity hair styles- funky or creative?

Celebrity haircuts and hairstyles are generally aimed at being creative, rather than funky. Of course, if a script demands a hairstyle that is funky, then hair styles that are funky are welcomed. Nevertheless, in general, styles of hair / for hair are generally aimed at being creative, since funky does not always suit all celebrities nor is it the most popular option. For instance, Lady GaGa, the versatile singer of The United States, an international music icon, (struck popularity with her very first album in music), is a funky celebrity all the way! There is funky written all over her personality, her songs, her style and certainly, without a doubt, her hair. The same applied to singer Adele who also has funkiness stated in her voice, her albums (her music) and her hair! Talking about funky hair, who can forget the funky and sometimes weird looking hairdos of singer Pink.

Celebrity hair styles

Celebrity hair styles that are funky suit fewer celebrities. For instance, funky would not suit the likes of an actor like say, Tom Cruise or SRK. They have personalities and characters that are played on screen, which do not resemble funky and therefore the hair style they sport may be trendy but never funky! There are actors, on the other hand, who have funky hairdo’s like Johnny Depp, who was fixated by his Captain of the Caribbean look from the movie Pirates f the Caribbean and decided to look cool, funky and different with this Carribean captain ensemble and look, that he even once sported at an award ceremony.

Creative haircuts are plenty. The haircut that the immaculate SRK has in the movie My name is Khan is a wonderfully creative one, short and stylish. The hairstyle that Saif Ali Khan in HumTum has is creative and makes him look unique and distinctive from any other style in hair that he has sported in his other films. There are creative hairdo’s like the short hair crop for Scarlet Johansson for a movie or the creative hairdo for Julia Roberts for Erin Broncovich. The hairstyles are very defining of the role that the actor or celebrity plays in a movie. Yes, there is no doubt that actors (female and male) today, have a lot of stress laid on the way they turn out in public appearances, and one of the most important criteria is their hairstyle!

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