Celebrity Hair Cut with Thick Hair

Thick hair is another category of hair which is unmanageable, like wavy and curls. To manage it and keep it gorgeous and healthy, the hair has to be washed thoroughly to remove entire dust oil and soap; if not it may result in an itchy flaky scalp especially due to insufficient rinsing. Do trimming regularly. Instead of intense chemical treatment like bleaches and perms one can opt for permanent colors or light highlights. Due to the fact that thick hair is so unmanageable, choosing a proper hairstyle is necessary for looking good with your luxurious locks. Here are some hairstyles that would suit thick hair the best:

Celebrity Hair Cut with Thick HairThe hairstylist has styled the hair in a semi blunt fashion with long layers moving down from the top coupled with choppy jagged bangs. Her smile perfectly suits her face.

The actress has left her thick (slightly) hair open with a touch of a blow dry to add the volume to the hair. The lower portion of the hair has been given curls with the help of large rollers. The upper portion of her hair falls on the forehead covering her eyebrows with a neat parting.

The celeb has sported layers which begin around the chin level and create volume (which doubles when blow dried) and are also dynamic in motion. In addition they keep the hair from being too heavy. The neatly parted bangs fall on one side covering her eyebrows and her ears.

The celeb`s long layers have been shaped to have a smooth structure revealed in each section of curl that frames her face. Note how her eyes are the same color as her hair!
The blow drying and smoothing process can be an arduous amount of labor when one has so much hair.

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