Celebrities and Trendy Hair Styles

Hairs of celebrities are very beautifully styled and are very trendy. These hairstyles are very fashion forward. Teenagers get inspired by these celebrities and try to get the hairstyle of their favorite celebrity. While deciding a hairstyle you should first find celebrity having same facial structure as yours and then get inspiration from one of his hairstyle. Here are some popular hairstyles donned by celebrities.


Braid is very popular hairstyle among younger celebrities and is suitable for casual situations and for parties. This hair style got more famous because of Lauren Conrad and Hayden Panettiere. You can make so many hairstyles using braids. For example, you can make hair style by taking small, thin braids at the sides of head and pulling them into an up do. Like this there are so many beautiful hairstyles can be made using braid.


Bobs: It is becoming very popular among all age groups. This style is popular among celebrities because they are taking so many bold moves in movies. In this style, hairs are short at the back and gradually becoming longer on each side of the face. Celebrities like Rihanna and Katie Holmes made this style famous. It looks good with blunt cut bangs and side swept.


Waves: This is a very popular hairstyle among so many young celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Blake Lively. This hair style looks good when you keep it messy looking. This hair style can easily be made using a curling iron for few seconds. Loser waves are more popular among young celebrities which can be made by curling large sections of hair. Spraying a medium hold hair spray will make this hairstyle look more beautiful.


Above hairstyles are latest trend among young Hollywood celebrities and teenagers are getting inspired from them. So, it is recommended to choose the best hairstyle that suits your face.

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