Casual Wavy Hairstyles

If you are looking for some simple hairstyle and yet the appealing one, if you are among the office professional and want to wear the casual looks then you must try out casual wavy hairstyles. There are various ways you can achieve causal wavy look. Let us have a look at some of the different patterns of casual wavy hairstyle.

  • Women with oval, square and diamond face shape, having thin and fine hairs, can try out casual look with tapered back, layers of short to medium length through the sides and on the top to add the movement. The hair length should be of neck length. This hairstyle works well for almost all ages. To style your hairs in this casual patter is very easy and it only takes 30 to 40 minutes to style your hairs and giving them the wavy definition. To add an appeal, you can also apply small amount of shine spray or hair gel to hold the style.
  • Another casual hairstyle that you can wear to look simple and professional is to graduate the back to create heights around the crown area. The back and the side length are given a wavy look by making use of curling iron to give a versatile medium length casual wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle is best for women having medium length wavy hairs and having oval and square face shape. Maximum time that is require to style your hairs in this pattern is close to 30 minutes and for holding your hairs you can apply finishing hair products.
  • If you are is the profession where glamour is must, then you can also try out a cool and funky look. The combination of short and long layers in the wavy pattern is best suited for those women having fine and medium length hairs. This will give a casual look along with flirty do.

These were some of the casual wavy hairstyles, I hope you have now sufficient information and you can definitely try out any of the hairstyle to get the casual looks.

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