Casual Medium Haircuts

Casual medium haircuts are hairstyles which are casual but chic and help you flaunt a urban, cool look. Casual medium haircuts are most versatile of all haircuts and can be easily changed once you are bored of a certain style. Then again, casual hairstyle can be carried off with everyday wear as well as can be easily done up for special occasions.

As seen here, a bob cut with jagged layers is one of the trendy haircuts which are so in nowadays. The bob cut has layers down the sides and the length is kept short to medium. The bangs in front fall tapered and diagonal on the side and the hair towards the edges in front are longer in length than the hair at the back.


A cool casual look with a vibrant hair colour is flaunted here. The hair is curled into long, loose waves which fall to the shoulders in long layers. The top of the hair is combined with heavy, fringe like bangs which contrast with the wavy tresses on the sides.


A casual yet elegant look cam be flaunted with long to medium hair length. The long hair ends can be flounced into long, loose curls which fall on the shoulders. The curls towards the ends add body and volume to the hair and is a great hairdo for special occasions.


Another causal hair style is shown here. With a middle parting, the hair is worn shoulder length and the sides are cut in layers. The edges of the layers are kept flicked in different directions to create a natural, casual look.


Thus, causal haircuts are numerous and you can have a number of casual hairstyles with medium length hair. Try layers and either straighten your hair or curl up the ends; pair any haircut with bangs on top and you have created a new style altogether.

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