Caring for Shoulder Length Hair

Attractive lustrous tresses speak for you. The better you care for your locks, the more it will speak of your personality. Caring for shoulder length hair does not require as much attention as does long tresses. Nevertheless, you need a minimum care regime for keeping your hair enriched.

Caring for Shoulder Length Hair A simple hair care regime for shoulder length hair is discussed here:

1. Proper combing – It is a rule of thumb. Brush your hair regularly with a natural bristle brush from root to tip. This is a way of distributing the natural oils from the scalp through the roots to the throughout the hair.

2. Cleanse your hair – Regular shampooing and conditioning is essential to remove excess oil and dirt and retains the bounce of your shoulder length hair. Choose the products that best suit your hair type – dry or oily, coloured or permed etc. and add volume to your tresses as well.

3. Avoid rubber bands – There is a natural tendency for people with shoulder length hair to tie it up into a careless ponytail. However, it is recommended not to use rubber bands for the purpose as it increases hair damage and hair tear.

4. Go for occasional trimming – If you want to maintain an attractive tress of shoulder length hair, it is advisable to trim the ends, say once in a month or once in two months for checking on the growth of split ends.

5. Avoid hairstyling equipments – Shoulder length hair is easy to dry. Therefore it is advisable not to use much of hair dryers or irons. These act hard on your hair and weaken their strength and result in much of hair fall.

6. Try to reduce on hair colouring – Hair colours contain artificial chemicals like ammonia and are harsh for your tresses. Try and avoid regular colouring. Go for highlighting instead.

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