Caring For Long Hair

Long hair is rare these days though many times caring for long hair is much easier that thought. If you are tying the knot then a wedding gown with long hair is your best accessory. Little beads, hair diamantes and a head piece will look beautiful on a long hair. One can perm long hair and a jet black long hair brings about a mystery in the woman. Soft perms are easy to manage. If you have wavy hair or big curls then you can consider yourself blessed as one can definitely sport a temporary straight hair cut but most times you could go along with the out of bed look.

There are cute long hair cuts and also elegant looking ones. The magic of long hair is undoubtedly the best but caring for long hair is also a regime. Long hair is the result of the constant growth as hair grows about one cm each month. Hence the hair is old and prone to damages. Regular brushing with a wide tooth comb is needed and 100 strokes may really not work for you.

Beauty secrets are many and need to be used at some point of time. Protein is vital for hair and so is zinc and iron. Any deficiency of the same can result in hair loss. If hair is losing in thick strands then it’s time to visit a trichologist. Supplements and a protein diet surely helps.

Mousse, gels and perm solutions come in chemical base. Although it wouldn’t be really wise to avoid all these, but to maintain fashion choose products that contain herbal rinses. Aloe vera or Soap nuts are best for hair wash. Again each hair type is different just like a skin type. Use trusted brands and discontinue use if there are rashes or sudden hair fall.

Climatic conditions are extremely not tolerated for long hair. The only trick is to minimalize appliances and applicants. Damp hair on snowy weather will result in a friz. Hair is also about genetics and post pregnancy factors create a hormonal imbalance. This results in tremendous temporary hair loss. Hair is a cherished feature and it would only be wise to get into a routine hair care. Too much hair wash and after shampoo conditioner may not suit your hair.

Chlorine or chemicals in water makes hair coarse and dry. The bottom line is that all types of hair and their problems can be treated. One needs to get into a healthy diet method and also invest some time each day on hair care. Long hair and styles in them are a complete fashion variety and it is only prudent to take care of the tresses.

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