Bridal Hairstyles

Brides need to look niche with every new ritual. When it comes to bridal hairstyles there are a lot of option created for a different look each time. Brides with short haircuts or bob hairstyles have no reason to worry as there are great many choices in hair extensions and temporary hair weaving. There is more opportunity to experiment with glamour hair color, dustings, hair accessories and braiding. Braiding per se is a very Indian concept and it is amazing to find the updo hairstyles that can end in a long braid.

Bridal-Hairstyles-300x298Bridal clothing comes in designer outfits in the typical Indo-western fusion trend. There is the fish tail gown look alike in the lehenga choli and also different types of embroidery to suit the occasion. Indian bridal make up has a lot of emphasis on color. Primarily the basic color or skin tone of the bride has to be taken into account. The hair dresser at the salon and the bride can simultaneously work out a few trial hairstyles after perusing a few styles in magazines. Certain hair salons are well equipped with graphic depictions on the computer that gives the correct picture.

To highlight the hairstyle, the main focus should be symmetry that has to fall in line with angle of the face and figure of the bride. Long hairstyles can be employed to change the bulk of the face or also add a bit of plumpness to cheeks. More magic is possible with the various kind of make up tricks. Hair extensions for brides are a big boon. Highlight is the biggest trick that renders the bride different from others. Most colors are long lasting and easy on hair. Hair restoration is easy these days and to-be brides do not have to hassle themselves with hair fall problems.

For homely or religious rituals, hair can be left open with a bit of Indian accessories on the hair as simplicity will be the main concentration. As the tempo of ceremonies pick up the hair styles can have variations in puffs, beehive and also braids to suit the comfort level of the bride. Updo hairstyles look great for the evening reception party and teamed with a fishtail ethnic outfit there is more charisma on the newly wed bride’s face.

Simple buns with extensions can also transform the maiden into a beauty. There are formal accessories for hair and also hair tattoos which has a very Indian feel. The pallu on the head is also a ritual and hence the top knot with braid extensions seems the perfect way for the great Indian wedding.

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