Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant is the transplantation of body hair from various parts of the body and placing it on the scalp. Body hair transplant is not performed as a traditional hair transplant procedure. The effectiveness of this procedure leads to constant growth. In this, body hair is taken with the help of small punch tool.

Body hair transplant is nowadays being advertised in clinics and hospitals as being reliable and effective. In this procedure extracting body hair can become difficult and if care is not taken will lead to damage and distorting the surrounding area. The results of this treatment are many times successful. However there can be a few cases where results have been achieved only after a prolonged period of wait.

Body hair is considered to be a viable source for hair transplantation and this procedure is experimental at its best. The difference between body hair FUE and FUE is that hair is extracted from various parts of the body and not from the scalp. The following are the differences:

  • The orientation of the follicular units
  • The skin type
  • The depth of the hair follicle below the skin and
  • The thickness and the curl of the hair

Body Hair TransplantThe key elements necessary to achieve satisfactory result in Hair Transplant are:

  • Proper donor extraction
  • Proper follicular unit dissection
  • Proper graft hydration and storage
  • Recipient site creation using proper angulations, direction and arrangement
  • Natural hairline design
  • Careful placement of grafts with the proper technique so as to avoid their damage
  • Proper post-surgery care

The most important thing to do before going into a Hair transplant surgery is to find an appropriate surgeon according to your needs, proper treatment and post surgery results should be positive if proper care is taken at the right time.

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