Bobs and Short Haircuts

Some styles are here to stay, while others come to go; then there are those that come to stay and get modified with time and constant experimentation. Well, there are other styles that are also known as the eternal or evergreen styles. These are defined as the ones that have universality to them. This implies that no matter whom, it suits the person. And when it comes to hair trends, the most universal of the lot are the bob haircuts.

According to hairdressers long and medium length hair does not suit everyone. In fact, there are many who grow their hair out, but along with it also tend to bring age and maturity to the face. But then, in case it’s a trendy and wild kind of a style then the person would look young even with long hair. Hair flowing on the face makes one look soft and innocent like children, whereas hair combed back brings maturity on the face.

This is why short haircuts for women seem to be in demand. Most spouses and boyfriends prefer their beloved women to maintain long hair. But, once their lady has stepped out and got her hair cut short, the men feel as though they are falling in love all over again.

When it comes to haircuts women very short in height should either go in for the classic bob or then the wavy shag cut. This brings a kind of glamour to their over all personality. And some how short hair brings more height, where their looks are concerned. This may seem strange, but notice short people with long hair, somehow they look tinier than they are. And those with short hair look taller than they actually are. There are numerous haircuts women short styles to choose from and interestingly each year newer styles seem to make their way into the arena, as well as modifications to the classic styles are added to the catalogues. This has actually brought about the possibility of ensuring that every client visiting the salon can walk out with a unique style and cut.

Even though typically the short bob haircuts were traditionally the one level cuts above the ear level, or slightly going slightly below; today there are so many more modifications to medium hairstyles that are constantly added each year. This way people who look best with the bob cut need not maintain the same typical look, but modifications of it in case they are looking for a change of style.

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