Bob Haircuts


One of the classic short haircuts is the page cut or the bob cut. Traditionally the bob style haircuts are a one level cut that ranges from a length just above the ears to just below the ears. However, nowadays hairdressers define it for longer hair going down to the neck.

Bob haircuts for women are one style that never goes out of fashion. However, at times it becomes a rage, while at others not too many people don it for want of something different. Yet, this hairstyle suits almost everyone, no matter what the face cut and makes the person look rather chic and sophisticated.

While hairdressers tend to experiment with various modifications of the bob haircuts, yet essentially there are three types of principle bobs or pages. These are explained as follows:

  • The Classic Bob Haircuts: This has been defined by hairstylists as the one-cut length with a sleek look. The length of this depends on what suits the face cut or shape of the face. This style can also have a slight fringe running lightly as the bottom, so as to give the face a soft look. There are no bangs or fringes on top. One can stylize this hair cut for various occasions by giving the hair more volume with the use of volumizing products available in the market. Also one can comb it back with a gel or mousse and for a special occasion fix a flower at the back of the year. The main feature of this hairstyle is the curve-in at the end; and in case the hair is too stubborn and tends to fall flat then one can use a larger diameter curling iron, or a large round brush and some mousse to keep it that way.
  • The Inverted Bob Haircuts: This is mischievously defined as a flirty variation of the classic bob cut. This style has two inches layered at the bottom and with layered bangs in front. Of course one can also opt for the straight-across bangs. When cutting the hair to this style the hairdresser needs to remove as much of the bulk hair at the bottom letting it flip outwards. However, that much hair should be left so as to maintain the actual bob style. The style looks even better if it is curled inwards closed to the neck. One could also style this typically like the classic bob. Or then even curl it outwards with the curling iron. One could also get the two-inch layer colored in a shade different from the top part of the hair.
  • The Bob Layered Haircuts: this cut has been defined as a bob with additional layers that do away with the natural curl of the hair. This style is meant for those with curly hair. However, in order to flatten it out slightly one could use some moose. This will make the curls look softer and fall well. In case one wants crisper curls then they can use a diffuser, rather than a blow dryer and then scrunch them. Actually with this process there will not be tight curls, but the spiral open curls. Remember that if one over-combs the curls then they will end up looking frizzy and broken. This looks rather shabby to say the least. And if one wants some of their curls falling on their face to give a softer look then a curling iron will do the job. A curling gel will help keep them in place.

Depending on length variations there are the short bob haircuts and medium bob haircuts, too.

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