Bob Haircuts and Bob Hairstyles


Style about anything whether dress or shoes or a simple hand bag is very much related to confidence. One may have the best designer wear and the best face but there is much to be learnt to maintain an attitude. Style updation is also necessary and that is much important when it comes to a hairstyle.

Hair quality and health is also related to genetics. The texture and length of the hair is also related. If one feels that long hair cuts is difficult to maintain and goes for a short hair cut, it must be remembered that bob hair cuts need a lot of care too. Most importantly there is little that can be done but wait till the hair grows. Whenever one goes in for a makeover the easiest drama that can be created is to cut the hair and alter its length. This may not be suitable to all, because hair cuts is also about face shape and age. But one needs to have an experienced stylist who can study the many parameters like face shape, lifestyle and hair type of the person and then suggest a suitable bob hair cuts.

There are vintage bob hair cuts too if one thinks that bob styles are only a modern trend. One can go for a simple blunt cut which also varies as per the need. The hair could rest on the shoulders or go over the ear. Partings in bob hair cuts are also employed so as to give a different look. Bob hair cuts are easy to maintain provided one gets into a regular habit of keeping the hair clean and using a good hair brush.

In tropical countries and in many parts of Asia, oiling the hair is a form of conditioning and cooling the scalp. Gently massaging the hair scalp with finger tips does help in blood circulation and also avoids dry scalp. There are many hair experts who swear by the magic potions they create using herbal oils. Hair masks are also available in cucumber and green tea extract. Conditional with herbal henna is also a popular treatment and the easiest way to add bounce to the hair.

Bob and short hair has many advantages. Firstly one tends to look younger. Simple brushing and a touch of spray can help you go throughout the day without having messy hair. Hair hygiene is easy with easy wash and quick drying.

There are classic hairstyles in which the make up also has to be co ordinate. Medium length styles are mostly long below the nape and hence a close collared outfit will not do justice to the look. Ideally it is better to consult a hair stylist to get the best cut.

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