Bob Hair Cuts Techniques

Bob Hair Cuts TechniquesYou can adopt various alternative processes to have your hair cut. Nevertheless, many techniques that have to do with the use of sharp blade such as razor can be best handled by the competent. Meanwhile many ordinary snipping and trimming hair cutting skill with the use of a nice pair of scissors can be handled at the comfort of your house. Even with routine practice of this hair cut procedures, you are capable of cutting your own hair smoothly as well as that of others. Find different hair cutting skill for both men and women as stated underneath:

The required documents are 2 mirrors, quality pair of hair cutting scissors, a few hair clamps, and comb in addition to a water bottle with a spray nozzle. Let your hair be cleanly washed and toweled but the hair should be left fairly wet to enhance smooth cutting.

Bob Hair Cuts TechniquesBASIC TRIMMING:

It is relatively simple to leaning the process of trimming your personal hair. If all you require is just to reduce the size of your hair or receive ordinary classic bob hair cuts, you can go ahead with this basic hair reduction process. Let your damp hair be well combed down directly before separating them at the center. If you now take the main side as a yard stick, then begin the reduction of the size of your hair. If for instance you intend to cut down the size of your hair to your chin, this chin should therefore be used as a standard for cutting. Just ensure that you are moving on a straight line, but maximize the back mirror to suitably trim your back hair.


This common process is applicable by imposing the layered impression on the hair. This is achieved by parting the slightly wet hair at the center, the based on your desired height of the layered bob hair cuts. These hairs are then cut off with the aid of scissors while gripping the on side of the hair, repeat the process until you get to the lower part of the hair. In order to make it fashionable the more just combine your layered bob hair cuts styles with bangs.

Bob Hair Cuts Techniques


Although this technique is not so pronounced with deep layers. Yet it is an integral hair cutting procedure made simple to be practice by the fresher. It is particularly suitable for people that have long hair that touches the shoulder or beyond. The proper application of this bob hair cuts process is by having your self seated on a chair, then curve forward to such extent that your topmost head is directly acing the floor. Having combed your hair downward, then carefully and smoothly have the hair from both sides with the aid of scissors. One cut may be inadequate for people with deep hair.


This technique is included in the number of the modern hair cutting methods yet it is widely known to add fashionable wispy impression at the tails of the hair. It is as well subtle the hair pattern, giving a calm appearance.


It is very close to trimming and layering hair cutting processes. To achieve a blunt fringe, simply remove the front part of your hair and close to your eyebrow line and have your bob hair cuts in a straight line.

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