Bob Hair Cuts for Round Faces

Bob hair cut is one of the best styles chosen for people with round faces as there are many types of bob hair cuts for round faces which you can select from. Besides the types of hair, texture and volume, the shape of your face is the fundamental factor that foretells how you will look with a certain type of bob hair cuts. Whenever you want to choose a bob hair cuts style, always consider your face shape.

Be aware that there are seven fundamental types of face shapes. They are oblong, square, oval, heart, triangular, diamond and round. Those people that have round face with the round hairline and chin have thick appearance faces. Their faces look wide at their ears and cheeks. Bob hair cut is a best suitable option for round faces with fullness at the top. Here are few bob hair cuts that can be done by round faces people.

Bob Hair Cuts for Round Faces 1. INVERTED BOB HAIR CUTS: This is on e of the choices of sassy that you can do. It is advisable that you do long inverted bob hair cuts that is good for your round face. This inverted bob hair cuts is admirable and attractive. It is also good for those that love to change their hair style every week or periodically. When you want to do this inverted bob hair cuts, cut the hair shorter to the end at the back closer to the nape and let the front be long. Add asymmetrical fringes to the front which softening your look. It gives you qualities considered to be typical of women. But ensure a periodical trimming in order to retain the hairstyle.

2. PIXIE BLEND BOB HAIR CUTS: This is the type of bob hair cuts that people known right from time it is not suitable for round faces. But you can still modify pixie bob hair cuts to suit round faces. But you can still choppy layers with smooth sideways bangs. You can also add shag to pixie bob hair cut to give you a beautiful look. Also, graduated layers can be added to complement it. Do not use bangs that can dangle around your cheeks and ears. With the above fundamental rules, then you can apply pixie bob hair cuts by blending the hair style through modification.


3. LONG LAYERED BOB HAIR CUTS: This type of bob hair is fashionable and adjustable or reshaped to different kinds of pattern. A long layered bob hair cut is also good for round faces. You can also add shag with razor layers and stacked layers to the back. Preferably, you can also modify it by using asymmetrical bob hair cut and graduated layers which are suitable for round face. I want you to know specifically that long layered bob hair cuts are good for round faces people. Ensure that after selection of the type of bob hair cuts that you want to do, look for an expert that can do it perfectly. CHEERS!!!

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