Bob Hair Cuts Coloring Tips and Techniques

If appropriate techniques are used, coloring your bob hair cuts at home is not a difficult thing. Many types of different bob hair cut coloring products are found in the market. This gives you the ability to make do with the coloring products found in the market. Again, it gives you the ability prepare the coloring yourself. Bob hair cuts coloring fall into two different groups:

· Henna: this is natural hair that can bring about hair damage and cause dryness.

· Chemical hair color: this could be temporary, permanent, semi permanent, semi temporary, demi-permanent, and demi -temporary and so on. Semi permanent bob hair cuts colors maintain your hair gently due to the absence of peroxide or ammonia. The colors could last for at most 6 weeks. Choosing the appropriate color is very important in bob hair cuts coloring, though this is may not be your interest.

Bob Hair Cuts Coloring Tips and Techniques Therefore, the bob hair cuts coloring advice is to select the color that is closer to your complexion or your eyes color. After determined on the color to use, then select the best bob hair cut coloring tips and techniques that will give beauty and strength or durability to your bob hair cuts coloring ideas.


Ensure that you treat your hair with shampoo at least two days prior the bob hair cuts coloring so that the color will stick to the hair very well. Your scalp becomes sensitive with shampoo treatment and this prevents your scalp pains during the coloring process. After the shampoo, apply deep conditioner as it will add healthy look and gloomy to your hair. Test the color before you use it and carefully follow the instructions. You can do this by selecting the small part of the hair, color it and leave for 30 minutes to know the effect. Then test the color on your skin in order to examine its sensitivity on your skin will before your application. Throughout this process, ensure that you put on gloves because the color is full of chemicals and might burn your skin when it contacts your skin.

Ensure that your hair is dry during the color application as it is difficult for wet hair to retain color. Apply the color from the hairline if you are coloring the whole hair. Use large toothed comb to comb your hair from the scalp to the strands tips at once. Wash very well with water till there is no color coming out again. If your bob hair cuts color is not suitably washed, it will destroy your clothes and pillows. Make sure you apply conditioner after washing.

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