Bob Hair Cut Color Ideas

Bob Hair Cut Color IdeasThe Addition of the new bob hair cut color fashion is a simple technique that gives the present day bob hair cut style a free ride. Actually, this bob hair cut is good for you in case you dislike far-reaching change or you have seen a particular bob hair cuts that is more suitable to your taste and appearance.

The present bob hair cuts color ideas are clarified when you are going into non competitive attractions. The bob hair cut color ideas make your hair cut healthy, shining, wavy and grooming. The new bob hair cuts color ideas that gives all the earlier mentioned qualities are pasted blondes, cool browns and brilliant reds. But some people still prefers red browns which was the old color of the bob hair cuts.

Bob Hair Cut Color IdeasThe few techniques in which the new bob hair cuts color ideas are added to your styles are:

1. DOUBLE SIDED COLORING: In this type of bob hair cuts color ideas, two colors are selected in which the lighter color such as copper shades or bronze shades which the one under it will be deeper color like chocolate. The deeper bob hair color will fit up your face and if you prefer curls or flicks for styling, then the deeper color will be in contrast to the lighter ones. But if you have a straight hair, the lighter colors will be the major color. This is good where there are different types of color. Some color combinations such as honeycomb, coffee and golden syrup are not noticeable and it will bring out your beauty.

2. Those people that love chocolate browns (brunettes) should give a few golden a trial so they can break the black color of chocolate. This will be a good color for you if and only if the color of your skin and face can accommodate the density of this rich deep color. Despite that it makes you look simple, still it helps to clarify your hair style. If you have interest in deep colors, it is advisable to use brown black rather than ordinary black or instruct your hair designer to do the color mixing for you. You can also blend some caramel and pink-red foils with violet brown black base. If you apply creativity with self-control, you can still maintain the mysterious dark and tiny hints of colors coming up.

Bob Hair Cut Color Ideas

3. But if you prefer blondes, blend golden type of it and light ash together or better still you can apply a pale pastel coral to the tail of your bob haircut for you to wear an unnoticeable and contrasting look. You can also splice little clove and light ash foils with pale golden base shade to give you a beautiful original blonde look.

4. REDHEADS: it is advisable to use fiery copper (rich) and clove. This is pretty good for long bob hair cuts and mid-length bob hair cuts. You can also use this red combination too. That is, cayenne, paprika and nutmeg. For you to get a vibrant bob hair cuts color idea, blend a pink red with cassis and raspberry caulis.

5. Anytime you are selecting colors, try to differentiate warm shade from cool shade. Be accurate with the quantity of the color you want to use for your bob hair cuts, the shade, tone, dominancy, subtle effect or striking one. Also think about the color of your skin so that you will know how to make your color application.

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