Blonde Medium Haircuts

Blonde hair is something which many women covet and many are born with. Blonde hair, like any other natural hair colour, has it’s own uniqueness as well as versatility. The blonde hair can be worn in all the different hairstyles which are available nowadays; in blonde hair, due to the lighter hair colour, the textures and highlights or lowlights are more defined and stand out than in other hair colors. This brings out the hair styles even better in blonde hair and hair colouring or highlighting is more effective on blonde hair.

Take a look at some blonde haircuts given here:

The choppy, edgy haircuts are all the rage nowadays. Bordering on the emo hairstyle, this choppy haircut is characterized by large, sweeping bangs across the face; the edges are left tapered, choppy and in extreme differences in the layered lengths.

Blonde Medium Haircuts

A girly haircut to flaunt on blonde hair as shown below. The hair is kept at medium length and allowed to have waves or flicks towards the edges. The natural hair style may be such or a curling iron can be used to achieve the wavy hair effect. The hair is finger combed through and creates a messed up, sexy look.

Blonde Medium Haircuts

A popular emo hairstyle is shown here. The hair is cut in layers which are uneven and may be long on the sides and short on top and the back. The emo haircut is characterized by long, diagonal bangs sweeping across the face. The emo haircut is popular amongst girls who like to bring out the punk or rock and roll styles in their hair.


Thuds, blonde haircuts can be as many and varied as any other natural hair colour. The advantages of blonde hair is that, the texture of the hair style, the layers, the highlights are more pronounced on it due to the lightness of the colour. The blonde hair suits every other haircut and makes any hairstyle look sexy and glamorous.

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