Blonde Celebrity Haircuts

Blonde is the colour which is desired by all but difficult to maintain. Whoever said that maintaining a blonde hairstyle is an easy task? Keeping the maintenance factor aside, blonde is one colour which is more a trend in the western world than our traditional Indian culture. But when blends mix, a lot many are adopting blonde colour for their too. Here, we have zeroed in many trends in blonde hairstyles which are as under:

image The Celeb has styled her blonde hair in an edged up bob with the back moving longer and angled alongside her face. Her sleek top is smoothly designed to meet her sides beginning with a straight part.

The star is wearing her in a vigorous chop of layers that are textured upon the ends that give them a gorgeous and a harmonious impression. Her Broad smile coupled with her sparkling white teeth adds to the charm of her face.

The celeb has worn her hair in a semi blunt fashion that measures to be about halfway up her neckline. There is a long winding side part coupled with a straight bang that rides over one of her eyebrows.

The hairstylist has given a “just out from rain look” to her blond hair which makes her in shag form with the ends chopped Since her hair matches her eyes, all it takes for her to be a success is that smile

The celeb has designed her hair in long layers with angles along the sides and long enough to wear it up in her ponytail or on top of her head

The hairstylist has layered the stars medium length hair throughout and rolled to large and medium sized curls, creating a very natural effect.

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