Basic Hair Textures


The first lesson you will learn at any hairdressing school is that everybody has hair of different textures, types and feels. You, therefore cannot handle the hair of any two individuals in the same manner.  Between curly and straight hair, curly hair is more diverse and varied. It appears in  different forms. While some people can have hair that is wavy, others can have loose to tight coils. Texture of hair can be determined by the shape and size of the hair follicle, which is genetic. The deciding factors of whether the hair is curly, straight, or wavy, is how the hair’s shape as it grows, and the distribution of keratin cells at the roots. The colour of the hair also decides what texture the hair is. As a rule, people with blond hair have finer hair, and those with red hair have thegh it is the strongest, coarse hair is frizzy and difficult to process using perms and relaxers.

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