Bad Celebrity Haircuts

A haircut might not seem like that much of a big task or garner so much of an importance in daily routine but a bad haircut can certainly make you look like either a rejected circus performer or an escapee from a mental asylum. In the public eye every day, celebrities are trend setters in their own way but just because they are celebrities, it does not mean they always know what looks good and never make rotten style choices. We have zeroed in 5 bad celebrity hairstyles which a commoner wouldn`t even give a second look at:

imageThis hairstyle is just plain wrong on so many levels. What on earth did the lady think before getting a tousled beehive hairstyle for herself? Pretty sure enough, the lady has got her share of ridicule for the hairstyle. I personally give this hairstyle, top rank in the bad category!

Who on earth would wear a bow on the top of a head coupled with two perky ears beside it and a wagging tail behind? Ick! Only puppies or babies or drunks can get away with sporting big bows at the top of their heads. Oh dear hairstylist please give Lady Gaga her puppy`s hair bow back

What on earth did the hairstylist have in mind before providing such stupid layers which have their edges turned up like someone has given an electric shock? Who on earth would like to have such a hairstyle at such an old age? Life already gives enough shocking experiences at such an age, to have a top up with a shocking hairstyles. The broad cheeky smile just gives a weird look to the whole get up!

Long wavy curls shaded in the tone of blonde and black! Looks to me like a friendly female ghost of children`s movie. The dark underlining eye pencil just seconds the fact. Care to smile for the picture, young lady?

Tip: Better avoid being petrified by these pictures. Try not even scrolling above once after you have glanced through the above page. You would surely have a night mare!

A brotherly hairstyle of Amy, how on earth can he manage to carry such a spiked burden? The spike hair coupled with dark eyes and wide smile don`t add to the niceness of the look either!

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