Asian Medium Haircuts

Asian girls are usually blessed with long, straight hair. Sometimes the texture is fine which allows them to be able to wear their hair long and straight.

But then again, if the texture of your hair is fine bordering on thinness, then it becomes an obstacle to growing your hair long. Again, Asian women have more delicate facial features than those of their western counterparts. Hence, Asian girls with pear or oval shaped faces look better with hair worn at short or medium lengths.


Most of the styles that you see on Asian women these days are the medium haircuts. Asian girls or women prefer to wear their hair short to medium which shows off their facial features and emphasise their eyes. These delicate facial features are best highlighted by medium haircuts like long bob or shaggy, layered medium hair.

The fine textured hair falls in place and may look thin and dull; hence, any hairstyle that is chosen for an Asian feature must add some body and bounce to the hair as well as emphasise the facial features.


In that regard, the bob is a haircut which is best suited. A bob which outlines the face and caresses it, is ideal for Asian girls. It makes their youthful features more young and brings out their shining complexion. A medium bob with bangs is another haircut which can be very flattering on Asian girls. Then again, there are other medium haircuts that can be considered. Long, loose curls or waves given to the medium hair length can make a sexy look; again, a shaggy, layered haircut would give a more modern, urban feel to an Asian face.


Thus, whatever your face shape is what should define your haircut along with the texture of your hair. If you have natural waves in your hair, go in for gentle layers or curls; if you have straight hair, then layers will give your hair a more fuller look. Then again, bangs are a great way to adorn medium haircuts.

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